Why PayTimePay
PayTimePay Gateways delivers a combined approach to online credit card payments, with real-time payment processing solution. We follow the highly secured process along with best online fraud prevention tools and methods.

Our proven methods are 100% successful to minimize the charge back and to provide a more steady and supportable platform for your business, so that you can focus to establish stronger relationships with customers.

Being a PayTimePay merchant, you grab following benefits:

  • Innovative technology to ensure the security for every transaction
  • Online transaction processing in ‘actual’ real-time
  • Various discounts and offers based upon transaction volume
  • World-wide acceptance of all major credit cards
  • Accept all major currencies
  • Detailed & descriptive transaction reports
  • Quick payment-receipt email service
  • MOTO terminal to grow your business through Phone and e-mail orders


Customized Payment Solutions Just for You

PayTimePay gateway enriches your business growth by enabling multiple payment options to your website. Check21, ACH, e-Check, Check Processing, Direct Debit, SOFORT add more values to your business along with traditional payment methods.

PayTimePay assigns a dedicated merchant account manager for you, to understand your business model and advise you the best solution as your customized business requirements.


Our Goal is to provide you the best customized solution

  • We simplify the payment processing for you
  • Your business nature is not a matter of concern for us to be negative
  • You have the advantage to accept international payments from overseas customers as well.
  • We simplify the checkout process

Following are important factors to consider, once you start looking for a payment gateway solution:

Transaction Cost

This is the amount merchant has to pay to the gateway, against the every online payment, happening through the website. The transaction cost differs with every gateway provider. Some times, it is a fix and flat amount, some time it is a percentage of the transaction amount and some time it is a combination of both. PayTimePay is very flexible, transparent and merchant friendly with this term.

Card Type

It is very much important to understand that there are several types of Credit and Debit cards. Merchant needs to verify, what all type of cards are supported by the selected gateways. PayTimePay offers Visa and MasterCard, America Express (Amex) for high risk merchants.

On-Form Payments

This is very simple to understand that if your customers/visitors are redirected to a different site to fill the card details, that means gateway is not accepting the payment ‘On-Form’. If your visitors/ customers fill the card details at your website’s page and the payment is processed then and there only, it means you have the advantage to collect the payment without any re-direction and your visitors feel more comfortable and secured as they do not have to fill their card details through another website, which belongs directly to the payment gateway site.

PayTimePay provides you that both ways to collect your payment, so it is a matter of your choice, how you want the integration but not the optional choice to be made.

Recurring Billing

This is the most important feature that enables you to setup a payment procedure for multiple times for a certain amount by the certain client/customer. If your customer requires to pay you a certain amount on monthly basis, for example subscription cost. The Payment gateway must support to setup such functionality, so that the payment should re-occur after a certain fixed time interval for a certain amount by the same client, against the same service, product or bill. PayTimePay gives you the advantage to setup the Recurring Billing feature to add more values to your online business.

These four elements may differ from payment processor. You need to be very conscious and active while checking the features. You should make sure that the proposed gateway fulfill your complete present requirement and may be of future as well. You can never avoid the unlimited expansion into multiple dimensions of your growing business.